Wine's Embrace artwork

Wine's Embrace
36" x 18"

Artwork details:
A fine art piece by "Multi-Sensory Fine Artist" David Michael Vaughn. Mixed media wall artwork. Featuring: Imported exotic South American Red Heart Wood as the inner "canvas". 3-dimensional epoxy sculpture elements, pigmented resin, painted film transparencies, gold leaf gilding, and acrylic painted elements all combine to tell the story of the Wine's Embrace. The artwork is completely handcrafted by the artist in every detail. Hand finished "Infinity Edge" design encapsulates the multiple mixed mediums of art combined into this master work. The art is 36 x 18 inches. Listen to the accompanying original music compositions by the artist to complete the multisensory experience. The music will be provided to the collector as digital files that can be enjoyed on your favorite sound system.

Story behind the art:
David Michael Vaughn likes a good glass of wine while working on his art. David has also been inspired by Salvador Dali both artistically and in their shared zest for life and appreciation of the nectar of the grape vine. Salvador Dali was a consummate wine enthusiast and wrote a book cataloging his favorite wines.

One night while painting, David got the inspiration to take the bottle of wine he was drinking and create a silicone mold from it when it was empty. Then he would pour epoxy into this mold and use the resulting cast sculpture as a 3-dimensional part of a new piece of art. Therefore, this artwork contains an exact sculpted replica of that very bottle of wine. An amazing way to reach out and feel the artist's elusive inspiration. Multi-sensory fine art indeed!

In reading more about Dali and their shared love of wine, it became apparent that drinking wine was certainly enjoyable when shared with someone. The sharing of the wine between two people became a central part of the work's narrative. The painting took on a surrealist influence both as an expressive way to tell the story and as an homage to Dali.

We see two lovers entwined in an embrace. One of them is actually comprised of wine vines as they contribute to creating the structure of his body. The wine itself, flowing from the bottle, moves upward to nourish the artwork's upper scene. The wine also flows downward into the glass whose stem is an octopus arm floating on the wings of a butterfly. Inside the glass is a burning piece of parchment paper with the words "tastes of its secrets". This is taken from Dali's famous quote "A real connoisseur does not drink wine but tastes of its secrets". True words indeed for those who share in David's love of wine and see their own story revealing itself one sip and taste at a time, in the beautiful dimensions of their own Wine's Embrace. - from an interview with David Michael Vaughn

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