Venetian Violin artwork

Venetian Violin
34" x 24"

Artwork details:
A fine art mixed media piece by "Multi-Sensory Fine Artist" David Michael Vaughn. Featuring: Italian Olive Wood, painted canvas on a wood panel, and multi-dimensional resin artwork. A gondola in the shape of a violin floats on the Venetian Grand Canal. A view from the famed Rialto Bridge looks upon an acrylic painted canvas which has been divided into 3-dimensional sections to create the depth. The main water area features multiple layers of hand pigmented epoxy, diamond dust and flowing resin work. The violin is hand made by the artist out of wood. Gold leaf gilding, wood burning techniques and ultra-violet glowing powder added to paint pigments complete the inner artwork materials. The outer frame was lovingly restored and retouched by the artist and was chosen as a perfect complement to the narrative of the Venetian Violin. The artwork is completely handcrafted by the artist in every detail. A final coat of resin encapsulates the multiple mixed mediums of art combined into this master work. Signed by the artist. Listen to the accompanying original music compositions by the artist to complete the multi-sensory experience. The art is 34 x 24 inches. The music will be provided to the collector as digital files that can be enjoyed on your favorite sound system.

Story behind the art:
" I have been enjoying using the shape and wood of real violins in my artworks. When I imagined a violin shaped gondola sailing down the Venetian Grand Canal in Italy, I realized that an actual violin in the frontal perspective was not going to work in this piece. So, I decided to make my own violin carved out of wood at the correct perspective. It's formed into the shape of a "violin gondola" at the angle it would appear if you were looking down from the Rialto Bridge! Of course, it's replete with the iconic gondolier. The violin in this artwork is made from actual instrument wood and even stained to match a famous violin maker's coloring. The painting of the Venetian canal scene was painted on a canvas that I divided into 3 sections and raised by varying degrees off the wood panel base to create an area for the canal. The canal is then filled with multiple layers of epoxy and simulates deeper depths in a relatively shallow area. The collector will receive an Ultra-Violet light along with the artwork to activate the glow powder pigments I mixed into the acrylic paint used on some areas of the painting. Natural sunlight will also activate it, but with the mini light it can be enjoyed well into the night in a very dark room! The narrative of this work really aims to capture the beauty of a Venetian twilight evening with a hint of both surrealism and impressionism combined with materials that let the viewer fall into the piece and reveal details over time. Just like the love stories that are kindled in this famed location, the work hopes to capture different moods at different times of the day and different ways of enjoyment over the years. The Italian Olive Wood frames the work and anchors it to the rich history of the locale. Pieces of music that will accompany this artwork include a re-imagined version of Antonio Vivaldi's Winter theme and a new composition using an acoustic guitar and violin that should evoke what I was hearing in my mind as I worked on this piece. Let love flow along the Grand Canal like a 'Grand Overture' from a lover. " - David Michael Vaughn

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