Star and Sea

Star and Sea Coffee Table
48" x 29 x 20"

Artwork details:
A fine art piece by "Multi-Sensory Fine Artist" David Michael Vaughn. A truly one-of-a-kind artwork displayed as a piece of furniture art. Featuring: European imported exotic Austrian Mappa Burl Wood as the inner "canvas". The artwork is completely handcrafted by the artist in every detail. Hand finished "Infinity Edge" design encapsulates multiple mixed mediums of art combined into this master work. The table is 48 x 29 inches and 20 inches high. Please note: measurements may vary slightly as this is a hand hewn piece of artwork. The legs are black matte iron. Covered with a top panel of "Optiwhite" low iron tempered safety glass. This blue crystalline edged art archival quality glass makes sure the artistic elements of your investment stay safe and creates a surface that can be utilized everyday furthering its functionality. Hand painted dimensional surfaces throughout the piece including Sea Fans and Abstract Center Art gilded with 24 K gold leaf gilding and enhanced with real crushed diamond dust.

Enjoy natural light from your environment as it weaves through the design in the daylight. Then, LED Illumination effect creates single and multi-color lighting throughout the translucent infinity edge design. Both still and moving light modes offer many ways to experience and accent the artwork in various lighting environments. Touch the exposed Austrian Mappa wood at the edges of the artwork to connect with the organic core of the art. Listen to the accompanying original music compositions by the artist to complete the multisensory experience. The music will be provided to the collector as digital files that can be enjoyed on your favorite sound system. Musical light mode makes the art react to the sound. Included remote control.

Story behind the art:
"This piece of art is wonderfully special to me. It's an homage to the Laguna Beach coastline and nature's beauty. I chose this piece of imported exotic Austrian Mappa Burlwood for its unique characteristics, including a live edge that visually represents the Laguna Beach coastline as viewed from above. The piece is inspired by the natural beauty of the smallest tidepools to the large macroscopic beauty of the coast as viewed from a satellite high above. The stars look down onto our treasured world at night and shine their light onto the iridescent ocean below. In this piece I was able to include so many artistic and design ideas that I'm passionate about. It was also created with the support and belief of a dear friend who wanted me to explore this type of expression. Our combined vision and enjoyment as this project took shape was a turning point in my journey as a Laguna Beach artist, and my gratitude and joy were poured into each layer of this art as it evolved. Much love." - David Michael Vaughn

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