Siren Symphony artwork

Siren Symphony
48" x 24"

Artwork details:
A fine art piece by "Multi-Sensory Fine Artist" David Michael Vaughn. Featuring: Imported exotic South American Red Heart Wood as the inner "canvas". A vintage violin instrument is an additional piece of wood used in this remarkable composition. Pigmented resin, painted film transparencies, hand embellished canvas Giclee, copper leaf gilding, and acrylic painted elements all combine to tell the tale of the Siren Symphony. The artwork is completely handcrafted by the artist in every detail. Hand finished "Infinity Edge" design encapsulates the multiple mixed mediums of art combined into this master work. The art is 48 x 24 inches. Listen to the accompanying original music compositions by the artist to complete the multisensory experience. The music will be provided to the collector as digital files that can be enjoyed on your favorite sound system.

Story behind the art:
"Just off the coast of Laguna Beach, California is the iconic "bird rock" outcropping. This rock formation juts out of the swelling surf just off Laguna's main beach in front of famed Heisler Park. David Michael Vaughn has heard the call of a Siren or mermaid many times as he walks along the beach at twilight. David has imagined the tale of a mermaid who has been roaming the waters just offshore for centuries. She plays her Siren song, the Siren Symphony on her violin torso. With a bow made of unicorn hair. The Siren has been beckoning sailors and visitors since the days of pirates and tall ships. Yet she is still there now. She calls to the tourists who come for a vacation, and she also calls to the artists who come for a lifetime. She pulls you into her song and won't let you go. It's a fair trade for basking in the sunset glow and feeling her beauty radiate on you, as any chance of escape sinks below the waves. David painted the tall ship of yesteryear above the waterline of the composition. This version features a hand embellished canvas Giclee of the ship scene, underneath resin. And below he painted the Siren herself on film transparency that was then sculpted and fused onto the surface of the violin. David's father was a symphony cellist and he always thought that a cello or violin looks like the torso of a woman. It was David's dream to use this synergy in one of his pieces of art, and what better place to realize that vision than in the body of the Siren. The actual violin used in this particular work came as a lovingly used instrument donated from an estate near Santa Barbara, CA. It was handed down until finding a new life as a part of this narrative. The music to Siren Symphony as composed and performed by David Michael Vaughn utilizes a Stradivarius violin in the composition. There will be several more pieces of music forthcoming that further explore the many moods of the tempestuous Siren. If you walk along the Laguna coast at twilight, be sure to look for the flip of her tail just as she dives out of sight. Always lurking, waiting for her next lover, her next duet, her next artist to ensnare in a lifetime of melodic colors and beautiful ocean curves as she pulls you deep below." - David Michael Vaughn

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