Seagulls Together As One artwork

Seagulls Together As One
44" x 40" 4 panel quadriptych

Artwork details:
4 Panel Mixed media artwork: Acrylic and digital pigment ink with acrylic medium, copper leaf gilding, resin and pyrography on hand crafted wood elements. All on stretched canvas panels. 1 panel is 40 x 30 inches. 3 panels are 12 x 12 inches each. Purchase also includes accompanying music and bonus digital version art files. Open edition hand embellished original artwork signed by the artist.

This piece has been SOLD, however David is currently working on the next hand embellished original in this series. Please inquire about date of availability and pricing.

Story behind the art:
"Seagulls Together As One is dedicated to two very special birds, Seymour and Jonathan. They befriended me early on when I moved to Laguna Beach and amazingly have followed me over the last 3 years. Yes, it is the same 2 seagulls. Seymour, this year, has learned to ring the doorbell and I have the video to prove it! They will hang out by the window where I paint and work on art and music. They are truly angels. They have lifted my spirits time and again. Don't forget to see the magic in nature that exists right alongside us in this beautiful realm. I saw them flying together one day and imagined them in unison as a team acrobatically maneuvering through the air and through life, cosmically connected, flying together on their journey. The third smaller seagull in the distance signifies the ever present third energy that hovers in the periphery of our existence, sometimes becoming a possibility and sometimes a force to be wary of. All this while flying in a Laguna winter sunset." - David Michael Vaughn

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