Guitar Way To Heaven artwork
Guitar Way To Heaven artwork
Guitar Way To Heaven artwork
Guitar Way To Heaven artwork

Guitar Way To Heaven
44" x 30"

Artwork details:
A fine art mixed media piece by "Multi-Sensory Fine Artist" David Michael Vaughn. Imported exotic South American Purple Heart Wood as the inner "canvas". A Stratocaster shaped guitar body is an additional piece of wood used in this remarkable composition. The guitar fretboard is cut into stairs that merge into the painting. Pigmented resin, hand embellished painted and wood surfaces, painted transparencies simulating stained glass in an allegory, all combine to show the life journey of Guitar Way To Heaven. The artwork is completely handcrafted by the artist in every detail. A final coat of resin encapsulates the multiple mixed mediums of art combined into this ultra-dimensional master work. Signed by the artist. Listen to the accompanying original music compositions written and performed by the artist to complete the multi-sensory experience. The art is 44 x 30 inches. The music will be provided to the collector as digital files that can be enjoyed on your favorite sound system.

Story behind the art:
"Guitar Way To Heaven. This piece was quite a journey, literally, to work on. The emotions back and forth from the subject of the stairs to Heaven, music, mortality, immortality, transcendence, the allegory of life, the party of good old rock and roll, and everything in between. The piece features a Stratocaster shaped guitar body that morphs into the stairs to Heaven. I always imagined the wood of a guitar, including the head stock, in a piece. An homage to the craftsmanship of that trade incorporated as a found object into a larger work. I'm thrilled with the way the cut fretboard created the steps that meld into the painting. The main wood canvas is purple heart wood from South America and the left side is semi translucent like stained glass. Lots to take in. Part of the inspiration for the artwork has come from my friend Ruby Mazur. Ruby is one of the artists I share gallery space with in Laguna Beach, and his storied career, musical vibes and amazing use of color were an inspiration. Another very significant part of the inspiration for this piece came from world renowned rock n roll photographer Henry Diltz. He is famous for saying 'The party's on the other side.' He likes to say. 'It's the rest of us, stuck over here, who have it rough.' When I read that it triggered an explosion of emotion that found its way into Guitar Way To Heaven. Henry says that phrase in response to many of his musician photography subjects and dear friends having passed on through the years. That viewpoint and metaphor so wonderfully and magically captures the eternal nature of music, musicians and their legacy and ours. I believe each of us carries that same hope in our hearts and music can be the stairway that leads us, connects us and binds us to a more divine place. That is true, both while we exist here in this tumultuous life, and in what bookends us in the eternity of time and space. Magically, I think the stairs go both ways, and music can be a portal to accepting a bit of heaven into your own tree of life. I am working on several pieces of rock score music that will accompany this artwork. Thanks to my fellow musician friends and heroes throughout the years, whose spirit is embodied in this work as well as the empathy I feel with music lovers everywhere. Rock On!!!" - David Michael Vaughn

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