Don Quixote and the Main Beach Windmill - David Michael Vaughn

Don Quixote and the Main Beach Windmill
52" x 31" (unframed dimensions)

Artwork details:
Mixed media wall artwork: Imported African Zebra wood, hand painted acrylic on canvas covered in resin and mounted in a golden wooden frame. Gold leaf gilding and gold crystals also adorn this artwork. The Hero's Journey of Don Quixote as imagined by the artist as set in Laguna Beach. It is an homage to the artist's journey in Laguna Beach and the steadfast commitment to fighting for what one sees in their imagination and believes the world can be: A world of beauty, nature, art, and demons battled. The artist has worked on this large edition of this artwork for over a year and this mixed media version is the culmination of an actual artistic journey in materials and vision as well as the journey portrayed in the narrative. Includes accompanying music composed by the artist. Open edition original artwork signed by the artist.

Story behind the art:
"My version of the Don Quixote story is of the artist's struggles here in Laguna Beach, and the conquering of demons, in hopes of sharing a better, brighter day ahead. This piece of art is very special to me and is a self-portrait of sorts. It's an homage to a classic Laguna Beach landmark, and all the history that the lifeguard tower has witnessed over the years. It's also a tribute to the artist's journey and the journey all of us share in our quest for each of our dreams in life. Laguna is famous for its art, yet there is struggle in artistry and the pursuit of any meaningful passion. The symbology of Don Quixote's quest entered my mind during an evening on the beach in 2022. We each have monsters to battle. The lifeguard tower grows windmill arms and transforms in the sunset hour as twilight approaches. This time Don Quixote has fought and won, as we who love Laguna Beach have won simply by attempting the impossible dream, even if only in our minds. When I was young, my father used to play the cello part in the Don Quixote musical work by Strauss, and it's always been close to my heart. All these facets combined into my creating this mixed media artwork. It means so much to share it with fellow artists, the Laguna Beach community and with anyone who identifies with the Cervantes story in their own life. Much love." - David Michael Vaughn

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