Dolphins Odyssey artwork Dolphins Odyssey side view picture

Dolphins Odyssey
16" x 19"

Artwork details:
A fine art piece by "Multi-Sensory Fine Artist" David Michael Vaughn. Mixed media wall artwork. Wood, hand embellished stretched canvas Giclee covered in epoxy. Diamond dust, small crystals, and glitter enhancements. 3-dimensional epoxy sculpted crystal, resin, and acrylic painting. Ash Burlwood (real wood) veneer. The artwork is completely handcrafted by the artist in every detail. The art is 16 x 19 inches. Listen to the accompanying original music compositions by the artist to complete the multisensory experience. The music will be provided to the collector as digital files that can be enjoyed on your favorite sound system.

Story behind the art:
David Michael Vaughn created Dolphins Odyssey to show love and admiration for the dolphins swimming in the waters around Laguna Beach and their counterparts in oceans everywhere. David also sees the work as a lighthearted re-imagining of the famous scene in 2001 A Space Odyssey in which the monkeys gather around the monolith obelisk in worship and amazement. He imagined that same scene, but with dolphins as the ancestral figures on earth. David replaced the monolith with a crystal rising from the ocean off Main Beach in Laguna. Catalina island can be seen on the horizon as a fiery sunset gives way to a heavenly sky. One can only imagine if it had been dolphins who inherited the place taken by primates on that fateful day millions of years ago. How different our world might be? We just have to look at the dolphins of today, the joyful smiles and happy beings they are to see the message inherent in this artwork.

The week that David finished Dolphins Odyssey he met a woman who is a marine mammal trainer and caretaker and learned of some interesting lore in that community. There are some that believe that dolphins have a healing crystalline type power in their bloodstream, and that is the origin of some of the amazing stories of dolphins helping humans and radiating a healing energy on people they encounter. Regardless of separating the myth from science, it was an amazing affirmation of the inspiration that the artist had to include dolphins and a crystal together in the narrative of this artwork. The art is a mixed media work that uses real burlwood veneer as one of the materials, a technique that David was excited to try in expanding his palette of artistic woodworking elements. The wood here represents the sandy beach as the canvas flows down in a wavelike fashion. The 3D crystal is made of resin formed in a silicone mold. All these elements combine to tell the tale of the Dolphins Odyssey.
- from an interview with David Michael Vaughn

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